VISIT TO TERMAVI (Vigo Film Office)

Termavi hosted a visit last Saturday morning, for film directors and filmmakers, sent by Vigo Film Officewho are in Vigo for locations of different shootings, through the Vigo Film Office.

UNIVERSITY OF VIGO-Master in Supply Chain Management and Innovation

Last Friday, April 14, we received the visit from  University of Vigo students of the Master in Management and Innovation of the Supply Chain. We showed 24 students and their professors around our Terminal, and the Border Inspection Post. They learned first-hand about our Container Terminal's day to day operations.

Thank you very much for your visit!


CSR-Renewal of our agreement with the Juan María 2023 center.

We renewed our collaboration agreement with the Juan Maria Center, an entity that takes care of girls and boys with disabilities , affecting over 200 families.  For  this agreement we contemplated their different projects, and decided to collaborate on a dual training project, or training while working.  This project trains young people in a shop which the Center opened, in Nigrán (Nasas) shopping mall. Young people are trained at this shop for three years, to obtain their  sales assistant certificate.  They also learn to design and manufacture clothing from a professional designer during that time. 

Company recognition

CSR Actions 2023-BDRI

The BDRI is a non-profit scientific organization dedicated to marine research.  It has been studying blue whales for many years, and in recent years the presence of otters in Galician coasts. Last year we participated in the Nutriamar project, and in 2023 we will participate in the Coplamar project.

This project consists of determining the concentration of floating plastic debris in the Rías Baixas, determining where and at what rate plastic debris accumulates in the sea, taking as a reference the Ría de Arosa, as it's one of the largest accumulation areas in Galician Rías, and a hotspot of marine diversity in the Galician coast, including mammals, and seabirds.

It will be positive symbiosis between the private sector, the authorities, and the general public fighting against marine plastic pollution. We will also organize beach and sand cleanups, to which you are all invited, if you'd like to participate in them!

With this agreement we support the objective of following the indications of Sustainable Development 14(OSD14) in a global way, and with concrete actions we support their studies of sentinel and indicator species, plastic pollution, and the cleaning of Galician beaches and sandbanks.


CSR-Agreement with Banco de Alimentos

One more year at TERMAVI we are collaborating with the #Vigof Food Bank, member of the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL).
We do everything we can to help, because the work they do matches their #solidarity.
We invite all companies and individuals to include working with Food Banks in their # CSR program, to protect those most vulnerable, fostering solidarity, while fighting against food waste, and reaching different social groups and  #NGOs.

Panoramic photo of the Terminal, at Sabino del Bene's office in Vigo.

We Sabino del Bene's idea of decorating their  Vigo branch facilitiesfor with a great panoramic photo of the Terminal, a photo showing our Container Terminal, with loading and unloading operations of three ships, one of which brings fruit from South America. It looks fantastic!



CSR-signing of agreement with Aspanaex

Aspanaex, a non-profit organizationfor people with Intellectual Disabilities in Pontevedra, will turn 60 this year, and continues to work on improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. In the present year 2023 we renewed our agreement to help in the construction of the Aspanaex residence, which will possibly complete its construction this year, to start working as a care center and residence.

CSR Actions-Club Ciclista Coruxo

As part of Grupo Davila CSR activities, we support  the Coruxo Cycling Club, support that is articulated through an agreement that is reviewed annually and that formalizes the collaboration for inclusive sport, gender equality and teamwork.

Last Friday some members of the Club attended the signing of the agreement, moments that are reflected in these photographs.