Visit from IES Carballo

We have received from the hand of the Port of Vigo the visit of the IES Alfredo Brañas de Carballo to the Container Terminal; 34 students along with their teachers have been able to learn a little better everything that concerns the #Port Logistics and #Transport, attentive, surprised and grateful, we have agreed to meet next year, thank you for having shared with the Terminal your morning of learning about the Port of Vigo, this is your home!



The President of the Galician Confederation of Entrepreneurs, Juan Manuel Vieites, visited the companies of Davila Reefer Terminal, Transglobal and Termavi, accompanied by the Secretary of the Confederation and the Director of Communication of the Confederation; he was very interested in everything that had to do with the Terminal, the train, and the activity of the DART refrigerated warehouse.

After the visit in a small meeting day could see the institutional video of Termavi, and discuss various aspects of the activities carried out in the different companies of the Group in Galicia. Later we attended a working lunch scheduled at the Circulo de Empresarios de Galicia where the President of the CEG made a brilliant analysis of the Galician business situation, of the challenges that await us in 2023 and 2040, and with an important display of very interesting socioeconomic data before more than 70 businessmen who came to listen to him.


The CLUB CYCLIST CORUXO is a non-profit sports organization that through the sport of cycling seeks the objectives of gender equality, since over time this sport seemed to be only a male practice, nothing further from reality, here, boys and girls perform the activities in exactly the same way, so that there are no "boys and girls", there are sportsmen and sportswomen who are not "boys and girls". there are sportsmen. That is why we support the Women in bike program, sponsored by the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation. In addition, 20 percent of the board is made up of women.

It is also the personal improvement, being an activity in which its practice involves the acquisition of skills that improve throughout its development, improving self-esteem and personal satisfaction, teamwork, in this activity always prevails the group over the individual, and the inclusion of the person, focusing activities in an inclusive manner.

For all this, and in the search for social gender equality in sports, Grupo Davila feels identification in its activities and supports them, through one of its subsidiary companies, Termavi.

The signing was held at a sporting event of the Club in one of the most emblematic mountains of the province of Pontevedra.

Visit to Ceamsa Terminal

Members of the staff of Ceamsa, a company that specializes in textures with gelling, thickening and stabilizing properties from natural raw materials, have been accompanied by Altius colleagues to visit Termavi; they had already made a first visit and this is the second one, with people who had not been able to come on the first occasion.

Compañía Española de Algas Marinas (CEAMSA) was founded in 1966. It is a pioneer company specialized in the production, processing and worldwide marketing of natural hydrocolloids such as carrageenan, pectin, fiber, alginate or locust bean gum, which are characterized, among others, by their stabilizing, gelling, thickening or texturizing properties.

Visit from IES Ramón Menéndez Pidal High School

The girls and boys of IES Ramón Menéndez Pidal have visited us with many of them to know the Terminal, they moved from Zalaeta, A Coruña; 24 students in total who knew the operation of the Terminal, knowing a little more about the importance of Logistics in the Container Terminal of the Port of Vigo; we hope to see them next year!


RSE 2024

The first agreement signed in 2024 in terms of CSR of the Davila Group has been the annual agreement with ASPANAEX; The President of Aspanaex and the CEO of the Industrial Division of the Group have signed it to renew the collaboration that we have maintained for years with this entity, which cares for people with disabilities, we know the Association well, and we have focused on helping in the construction of the new residence of Aspanaex that may possibly open this year. We continue in this line of support to this always wonderful motivation with people with disabilities.

Visit to Termavi from Pontepedriña High School

The IES Pontepedriña is a high school of Santiago de Compostela that in recent years always come to see us their courses of Logistics and Transport; On this occasion there have been 32 girls and boys who have been in the terminal knowing everything that is done in it, a time where they have attended to everything in an extraordinary way, accompanied by 5 of their teachers and teachers, and have thanked us for the visit with a small picture of Galician handicrafts.

If all future logistics experts had the same interest that you have shown during the visit, we can think that logistics will be in good hands in the near future, thank you very much for your visit!



Termavi has been distinguished by the Ardán indicators of AP, High Productivity, and GR, Generator of Wealth; these two distinctions are assigned by the study for three consecutive years of presenting a gross value added per person employed above the 75th percentile of the sector in which we operate and with a growth rate above 10% each year, and for presenting an EVA (Economic Value Added) above 150,000 euros during the first year and a growth rate above 10% for three consecutive years.

These distinctions are awarded by theVigo Free Trade Zone.

Merger of Termavi and Terminales del Noroeste

Merger of Termavi and Terminales del Noroeste

*Publication of documentation

On the occasion of the merger between the companies TERMAVI and TERMINALES DEL NOROESTE and due to regulatory changes that modify the requirements and procedures for the structural modifications of companies, complying with the need to publish the project, the report and the announcement of the merger, these three documents are published on the Termavi website, being able to access them through the links published here.