Visit from the Masters in Foreign Trade of Santiago de Compostela University. 

We received 16 students from Santiago de Compostela University Master in Foreign Trade Management.  They will become future logistics professionals and were accompanied by staff from  Port of Vigo, since they had visited the port on previous occasions. They learned about the BIP, DART, and Termavi Container Terminals, including Termavi's operations center, and ended the tour at Termavi's reception desk, where they learned about Grupo Davila's history.

They asked interesting questions, and they truly appreciated our welcome.

Visit from export trade outsourcing experts

We welcomed students TMC International specialty course in export trade outsourcing, who took a complete tour of our Terminal, which included Davila Reefer Terminal, and the BIP. They learned about the intermodal activity of DART-TERMAVI-TRANSGLOBAL.

Every year TMC International organizes a visit for their students, and we are delighted to show firsthand actual logistics activity to future trade and export experts.


We have always received visits from schools, vocational training centers, Master students, University, and this one from high school students was no different, except that they came from Celanova, in Orense, and it's the first time we received a visit from so far away, considering the educational range we reach. They came by recommendation of Beade's high school.  They were 40 students who were seeing a Container Terminal for the first time, and they were very impressed with everything they saw. The tour lasted an hour and a half; they learned about everything we do at the Terminal and at Grupo Davila's intermodal area.

We were delighted to welcome you and hope to see you again!




Visit from CEP

The President of the Confederación de Empresarios de Pontevedra together with his management team visited Termavi's facilities and were received by Grupo Davila's CEO, Eduardo Davila; during the visit they exchanged opinions about the current state of the companies in Vigo and Galicia, the situation of the Terminal, and other aspects of business interest. The Group is on theAdvisory Council of the CEP.

During the tour of the Terminal and operations room, Grupo Davila's CEO presented CEP Chairman with a signed and dedicated copy of the Group's Centenary book, and Jorge Cebreiros in return presented Termavi with windbreakers bearing the CEP logo, then both teams took joint photos together.



CSR-Agreement with the Pontevedra Bagpipe Band Foundation

The Bagpipe and Percussion Foundation in Pontevedra is a well known deeply-rooted cultural entity not only in Pontevedra, but throughout Galicia. Formerly responsible for teaching traditional Galician musical instruments, its work now continues to be formative, while promoting, and passing on traditional Galician values.

For this very reason, and because it shares the Group's  values, it fits right in our CSR plan. So we signed an agreement with this Music Foundation to support, above all, the transmission of Galician culture through music, and its traditional musical instruments.

Discamino-Javier Pitillas

A main organization of our CSR activity is Discamino, an organization that helps people with disabilities to complete the Camino de Santiago.  The award-winning founder Javier Pitillas, tireless in this activity, gave a lecture on the Camino as a personal achievement challenge, while sharing experiences with other people with disabilities, on the second day of the Feira da Saúde.


"Let no one tell you that you can't". With this phrase Javier Pitillas, promoter and head of  DisCamino, sums up in the most accurate way possible, the organization's motivation, having already completed 93 trips on the Way to Santiago de Compostela. Those trips realized the dreams of almost half a thousand people with disabilities, certain they were up to the challenge, despite all the difficulties.

His testimony, on the second day of the Feira da Saúde, held by Asomega at Casa de Galicia in Madrid moved everyone present. For its simplicity, the clarity of his message ("The Camino is about enjoying and helping others enjoy, accompanying others in their happiness", he said), and the honesty he transmits.

His speech alluded to three videos in which he explained the evolution of DisCamino: the first one reflects the origin of the initiative, the second its concretion with the first route, and the third its development in recent years.



We received teachers with logistics training from   As Mercedes vocational training center, in Lugo, which offers several disciplines, and we showed them around the Terminal, the BIP, the fruit area, and TECO. A complete tour that surprised and delighted them. They were very grateful, and it is always a pleasure for us to meet people with their knowledge who ask such interesting questions!

Unloading of Catamarans at Termavi

Unloading of 4 catamaran cruise ships at our Container Terminal, that started sailing to France, on their own, as soon as they hit the water, bound for a large international boat show for cruise ships.
The vessels were transported to the Port of Vigo by the shipping line MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping on board of the ship #GoldenKaroo, managed by #Comarsa.

VISIT TO TERMAVI (Vigo Film Office)

Termavi hosted a visit last Saturday morning, for film directors and filmmakers, sent by Vigo Film Officewho are in Vigo for locations of different shootings, through the Vigo Film Office.