Visit from export trade outsourcing experts

We welcomed students TMC International specialty course in export trade outsourcing, who took a complete tour of our Terminal, which included Davila Reefer Terminal, and the BIP. They learned about the intermodal activity of DART-TERMAVI-TRANSGLOBAL.

Every year TMC International organizes a visit for their students, and we are delighted to show firsthand actual logistics activity to future trade and export experts.


Visit from Eimskip Logistic Spain

Our first visitor this year, on January 3,2023, at TERMAVI Container Terminal was Eimskip Logistic Spain. During their visit, they learned about the Terminal; DART (Davila Reefer Terminal); Transglobal (Rail); Termavi's Operations Room; and they experienced firsthand daily logistics procedures at work, in the intermodal area.

Many thanks to Pilar, Ana, Melike, Aroa and Maria for their visit!