Presentation of a play

The Galician Theater Company "DesfeitaTeatro" staged  the play "A pousada do Tru-Tru" in Vigo's City Council, and the proceeds from its premiere went to benefit "Discamino", an organization sponsored by Termavi.

Discamino helps people with disabilities to follow the Camino de Santiago, and Termavi supports socially and economically the activities it carries out.

Davila-Termavi Group CSR agreement with the Juan Maria center


Grupo Davila's industrial division initiated its Corporate Social Responsibility Plan for 2022, which continues to be based on three pillars: Environmental, Social, and Educational.  The organizations we will collaborate with, and jointly develop this commitment, were carefully chosen by various companies belonging to Grupo Davila.

The educational and social pillars signed agreements with the Juan Maria Center for the first time in 2022, an organization that cares for young people with disabilities, involving over 200 families. We studied their different projects, and we decided to support their dual training project, namely training while working. This project involves training young people in a store located in Vialia Shopping Mall, (the largest one in Vigo), during three years, to obtain a sales assistant license,  while also working in clothing design alongside a professional designer.

Grupo Davila and Termavi participate in a project that does so much good for these young people, and is supported and sponsored by the Xunta de Galicia.