The Davila Group through Termavi has signed a new agreement in the set of CSR actions for the year 2024, this time with AGAELA, Asociación Galega de Esclerosis lateral amitrófica; the objective of the association is the improvement in multiple aspects of people affected by ALS, their families and their social environment. the aid to AGAELA will focus on the visibility of the disease and the psychosocial care of ALS patients.

We have learned firsthand the reality of this disease through the Association and one of its members, as Vice President, Maria Jesus Seoane, and nothing better than a direct vision of the problems they suffer due to the disease; we will also participate in some of the actions of the Association as a company.

Being with Maria Jesus has been a lesson in many ways of how to face the vicissitudes as well as spirit and encouragement, and she does a wonderful job in defense of ALS patients; the agreement was signed this week by the Vice President Maria Jesus Seoane and Tomas Palacios, director of Termavi.



This year, 2024 we signed an agreement with the Isidro Esteve Foundation, topromote physical exercise for people with spinal cord injuries or different abilities. To carry out this project, we also signed a collaboration agreement with the Coruxo Football Club, which will make their sports facilities available to these people so they can practice sports to achieve a better life.

Isidre Esteve is an athlete with an important track record in motor sports. He began his sporting career on a motorcycle, mainly in the enduro modality and later in rallying. He participated in the Dakar Rally where he achieved outstanding positions.

While competing in the 2007 Almería Rally, Isidre Esteve suffered a serious fall that left him in a wheelchair. His spirit of self-improvement did not cease and after years of intense work he returned to high competition, now in a car. He continues to participate in the annual edition of the Dakar.

The accident and the long stays at the Vall Hebron Hospital and the Guttmann Institute, allowed him to fully face reality and experience the difficulties suffered daily by people who have suffered a spinal cord injury, as well as the impact it has on their immediate environment.

The current healthcare system establishes care protocols based on the rehabilitation and recovery of people with spinal cord injuries. These protocols are normally carried out in closed and protected environments, where the recovery of mobility is worked with great professionalism from a care and medical perspective, with excellent results. But when the patient is discharged, they face an unknown and unexplored world, with countless environmental limitations, and many fears and personal barriers to overcome.

During his rehabilitation process, Isidre continued with his usual gym work. It was training, not rehabilitation. It was about improving his quality of life through specific training that could provide him with the maximum possible autonomy, improved health, and quality of life. The result was incredible.

Isidre and his personal trainer, Lidia Guerrero Sánchez, decided to put their own experience and work method at the service of those who might need it. This is how, in 2011, the Isidre Esteve Foundation was born.

Given the good results of the "Centro Puente" facilities in the lives of people with physical disabilities and reduced mobility, the FIE considered the use of sports activities to enhance the capabilities of people who were in other situations of vulnerability, not only to improve their mobility but also to the development of safety skills and personal growth, confidence, satisfactory social relations ...., in short, personal autonomy to achieve a new life plan.

In 2019, FIE modified its statutes to expand its scope of action to people in situations of social vulnerability. Currently, it is working on projects to assist women victims of gender violence and young migrants without families.

RSE 2024

The first CSR agreement signed in 2024 by Grupo Davila was their annual agreement with ASPANAEX. The President of Aspanaex and the CEO of the Industrial Division of the Group signed it to renew the collaboration that we have maintained for years with this entity, which cares for people with disabilities. We know the Association well, and we are helping with the construction of a new Aspanaex residence, which may open to the public this year. We are committed and motivated to support Aspanaex and their work for people with disabilities.

CSR-Agreement with the Pontevedra Bagpipe Band Foundation

The Bagpipe and Percussion Foundation in Pontevedra is a well known deeply-rooted cultural entity not only in Pontevedra, but throughout Galicia. Formerly responsible for teaching traditional Galician musical instruments, its work now continues to be formative, while promoting, and passing on traditional Galician values.

For this very reason, and because it shares the Group's  values, it fits right in our CSR plan. So we signed an agreement with this Music Foundation to support, above all, the transmission of Galician culture through music, and its traditional musical instruments.

CSR-signing of agreement with Aspanaex

Aspanaex, a non-profit organizationfor people with Intellectual Disabilities in Pontevedra, will turn 60 this year, and continues to work on improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. In the present year 2023 we renewed our agreement to help in the construction of the Aspanaex residence, which will possibly complete its construction this year, to start working as a care center and residence.

CSR Actions-Club Ciclista Coruxo

As part of Grupo Davila CSR activities, we support  the Coruxo Cycling Club, support that is articulated through an agreement that is reviewed annually and that formalizes the collaboration for inclusive sport, gender equality and teamwork.

Last Friday some members of the Club attended the signing of the agreement, moments that are reflected in these photographs.

Awards Ceremony

One of the Group's CSR pillars relates to Community, where we develop a social commitment  which benefits the local community.  We collaborate with Club Cicilista Coruxo, where sports are reconciled with gender equality.

The cyclocross event was held in Nigrán, in collaboration with Zona Franca de Vigo (free trade zone). The races that took place were for young people, children, cadets, Elite Sub 23, and junior, Master and master 40, for both females and males.

With the presence of the Zona Franca Delegate, David Regades, and the Mayor of Nigrán, Juan Gonzalez, the awards were presented on behalf of the Davila Group by the CEO of the Industrial Division, Jose Manuel Raimúndez, accompanied by Communications Manager, Pablo Gonzalez.


Termavi-Grupo Davila CSR News

Just to let you know about some activities and actions taken jointly by Grupo DAvila , and other organizations with which collaboration agreements were signed, in this case through TermavionLast Saturday, September 24, for instance, an event organized by Club Ciclista Coruxo featuring the I Mini BTT Monte de Zamáns, in the categories of infants, juveniles, beginners, talents, and benjamins in female and male categories.  One of the premises we support from this Club is gender equality in hitherto male-dominated sports.

That is why, we made this short promotional video of the event:

Another important action is about to take place, we are referring to the 39th edition of the "Aspanaex" Rally, which will take place on Sunday October 9.  Six kilometers of solidarity in Vigo, with departure and arrival from Castrelos.  We encourage everyone to take part in this rally, and while doing so, enjoy sports in good company. It costs 5€ for adults, and 3€ for children under ten, to sign up. The rally starts at 10:00, and at 13:00 there will be a raffle of gifts among the participants.

Come join us!


Vigo Flag Reception at City Hall-Discamino

Discamino's next challenge will be to climb mount Mulhacen this Saturday, and Veleta on Sunday. Mount Mulhacen (3479 meters) is the roof of the Iberian Peninsula. Mount Veleta (3396 meters) is the second highest peak in the Sierra Nevada National Park. The park, a Biosphere Reserve, is home to a great variety of flora and fauna characteristic of Mediterranean high mountains. Discamino faces both climbs this weekend, which they will crown successfully, carrying the flag of Vigo donated by the City Council of Vigo, and the name of Termavi, and Grupo Davila, who accompanied volunteers and protagonists on this DISCAMINO challenge.