The vision of three Termavi workers regarding the Pontevedra Red Cross Employment Plan

Our CSR planned activities for the Group's industrial division, include actions with the Red Cross; one of them is about training, planned talks or lectures, which are given by colleagues, to people looking for employment in the Spanish Red Cross programs. The first talk was in Vigo, the one we shown here was given in the Red Cross delegation of Pontevedra, with the participation of María Teijeira , from DART, Sandra Sosa from Marina Davila, and Yolanda Trabazos, from Termavi.

The talk was about different experiences told by each of them. Maria's testimony of commitment, effort, tenacity,  and self-confidence; Sandra's work experience of accepting challenges, striving for improvement, and continuous training; and Yolanda's talk about writhin a resume, women in the harbor sector, focusing efforts on an objective, and empathy.

All three of them talked about their own experiences in a very human, relatable, and effective way, in front of people actively seeking employment. They offered key advice, and  talked about their own experiences and attitudes, followed closely by a very attentive audience.

The experience was highly positive for both speakers, and participants and our colleagues were publicly congratulated by people who attended the seminar. Red Cross asked us for more actions like these, and we've agreed to replicate them this year at their other delegations in Pontevedra and Ponteareas.