In March 2020, an agreement was signed as part of the Group's 2020 CSR plan(CSR 3-2020), which was suspended due to the Covid situation, but was reactivated in July, and it involves CEMMA, the Coordinator for the study of marine mammals.

During July and August we supported Cemma in the study of the dolphins, as well as in several cleanups of the Rias Gallegas, and they made great discoveries in the behavior of dolphins and turtles, that shed light on unknowns that scientists responsible for these studies had.  We are delighted to support these initiatives that have an  environmental impact, and care for our ocean, and its inhabitants. The video is summary of this dolphin study, encapsulating  a great deal of recordings and days of work studying many aspects of marine mammals. It is incredible how these marine biologists managed to record the vast majority of these animals by tracking and identifying them, with their names, characteristics, issues, and habits.

Don't miss the video, it is a three minute summary of  hours of video from the study. It shows newborns just a few days after birth. We recommend full screen, 4k and with the sound activated.

You can also view it on any mobile device with this URL: